Extended-Reach Body Groomer Shaves Parts You Normally Can't Reach

Illustration for article titled Extended-Reach Body Groomer Shaves Parts You Normally Cant Reach

If God had intended us to keep our body hair, he'd never have invented grooming goods like this: the extended-reach shaver/trimmer. Designed to tackle mannish body contours and whisk the hairs away, its secret is the extending curved handle. This adds enough length *ahem* for you to get the peskiest of hairs. You know the ones: the really annoying middle of your back-ones that require advanced yoga skills to reach normally (or the helping hands of an assistant...and if you have one of those, you probably don't need this.) It's water-resistant, an eight hour charge lets it run for half an hour—if that's not enough, you are one hairy bugger—is out now at Hammacher Schlemmer and costs $50. [OhGizmo]


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There has been this huge upswing in back shaving devices. As a hairy male, is this that much of a turn off? I'd ask if this is why I get no play from the ladies, but I normally wear a shirt, which hides said body hair.