F-4 Ejection Seat Sticks It to Work in Style, Overkill

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Maybe you fantasize about leaving that shitty office job for something else like, I dunno, opening a charming B&B on the coast or being Maverick from Top Gun. Well this is how you quit.


OK, the F-4 Ejection Seat will not actually eject you from the next corporate board meeting, but your boss doesn't need to know that. Roll into the room on this baby—an authenticish bucket seat from the Vietnam-era F4—and every order he barks will be undermined by a doubt that you could blow the hell out of there any time you please.

Add a helmet to the equation for extra style/authenticity.

While you can order the F-4 Ejection Seat right from the web, this piece of office furniture is technically considered art. But don't consider it an expensive toy; consider it a worthwhile investment in your manager's insanity. [MotoArt via re-nest via TheDailyWhat via Crunchgear]