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Face Massaging Robot is for the Stressed and Brave

Illustration for article titled Face Massaging Robot is for the Stressed and Brave

Tired? Looking to relax? Here, just stick your face between these two cylinders and let our new $70,000 face massaging robot go to work. What, you don't trust your precious face in there? Well, you clearly haven't experienced the subtle massages that robots can give when they're trapped inside an ugly recliner at Brookstone at the mall. Just consider it like that, only even more crazily expensive and working on a more delicate area. How can you go wrong? [Gizmowatch via BornRich]


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halloweenjack, King of the Wild Frontier

Maybe it's some sort of robot hentai fetish thing that hasn't trickled down to the English speaking world yet. Wouldn't surprise me.