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Facebook Launches Open Graph With 60 New Partners

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Facebook opened up Open Graph tonight, its tool for letting third party developers share actions in your timeline. It announced 60 partners tonight, including AirBnB, Runkeeper, and Pintrest, and now it's open to developers everywhere. Basically, privacy is over.

What this means is the app-ification of your timeline. The new Open Graph tool will let developers plug into Facebook's social graph so users can share actions they are taking on other sites. Right now, you can see that when, say, someone listens to a song on Spotify. But with 60 companies doing all kinds of different things, and now it being open to anyone, pretty much anything we do online is going to end up on Facebook. Yay?


We'll have more on this after tonight's event wraps up.