Facebook, home of the Like, News Feed and Timeline, is now a social search company. Or at least it desperately wants to be. AllThingsD Senior Editor and friend of Gizmodo Mike Isaac snapped a picture of the new front sign at Facebook HQ and it's now the Graph Search logo. Before it was the ubiquitous thumbs up Like logo.

It's only a temporary tarp placed on top of the Like sign at 1601 Willow Road but it does show how serious Facebook thinks Graph Search is for the future of booking the face. It's like if Apple replaced the Apple flag for an iPhone flag! Okay, maybe not that serious. Or if like Google kept adding dessert themed statues on the front lawn of Android HQ. Wait, Google does do that. ANYWAY. But still, Facebook wants us to use the hell out of Graph Search. The question is will we?


Here's a picture of what is usually at Facebook HQ's front entrance, courtesy of Kelly Gardner/Getty:



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