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Facebook Will Change Your Profile to Timeline This Fall, Like It or Not (Updated)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Timeline, Facebook's hypergraphical profile triumph, has been around for almost a year—and there are still people either ignorant of or averse to the redesign. Tough pokes, says FB: you're getting switched before the year is over.


TechCrunch reports all of Facebook's Timeline holdouts will soon see a message prompting them to prepare for the switchover, providing a chance to hide photo albums of you shotgunning beers and add "Life Events" like marriage and lockjaw. Then, after seven days, boom—you're Timelined, and there's no going back.

But Facebook, that's so unfair! You tyrants! You bullies! You—oh hush. Timeline is gorgeous, terrifically functional, and a significant change in the way we look at each other and ourselves online. You might even say it's poignant. You might say a lot of things, but one of them shouldn't be that Facebook is screwing you here. Really, you should have switched months ago. Looking at an old fashioned, pre-Timeline profile page is jarring and offensive to the retinas at this point.


We've reached out to Facebook for any exact timing on the Timeline switchover, and will let you know if they spill beans. [TechCrunch via AllFacebook]

Update: A Facebook rep confirmed to us that " The hope is to have everyone moved over to timeline by fall."