Facebook's Hiding Video-Chat In Its Messenger App

Illustration for article titled Facebook's Hiding Video-Chat In Its Messenger App

Boy, if you ever want to know what Facebook's planning next, just take a peek in its code. That's what one chap did yesterday when Facebook released its Messenger app, and discovered that video-chat will be added soon.


According to what the discoverer found, the video-conference feature will be available for both iPhone and Android, and may even use Skype as the base technology for the service, like they use in the browser.

I had a similar question when Facebook and Skype teamed up for the desktop: why would you use this instead of the Skype app? Maybe I have a poor opinion of my Facebook friends, but anyone I care enough to want to video-chat to, I already have on my Skype account as is. Call me a curmudgeon or no longer down with today's yoof—but what are your thoughts on this? [9to5Mac]


No no i insist, fix the FREAKING Facebook iphone app