Facebook's Messenger Now Lets You Share Tracks Via Spotify

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Facebook’s Messenger app, one of the most downloaded apps in existence, is slowly but surely allowing you to do just about everything. You can call an Uber, settle up checks, or use it as a social network. It can even be a Skype replacement. So adding Spotify seems like the next logical step.

Spotify’s addition to Messenger is seamless. Hit the “more” dots icon in the lower righthand corner, select Spotify, and you can choose from the song that’s currently playing, recently played songs, or opt to search for any song in Spotify’s library. When you tap on a song in Messenger, it instantly pops open Spotify and starts playing.

The only problem is that desktop chat within Facebook doesn’t do anything at all. You see the icon and the album art, but that’s it. Just a picture. It would be nice if Facebook could somehow pop into your desktop Spotify app as well.


This small integration seems like a step back from the rumors last year that Facebook might be creating its own streaming service. More likely, Facebook’s happy to let other apps do their thing, as long as Messenger is the internet funnel of choice.

The feature should already be available on iOS and Android.

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