Fake iPad Replaces Stuffed Animal as Perfect 21st Century Toy

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I've noticed an increasing number of can't-be-bothered parents handing over an iPhone or iPad to their screaming tykes—but what if they throw up on it or try to eat it? The whiteboard anaPad's perfect for (faux) touchscreen child-rearing.

Crafted in the same dimensions as a real iPad, the anaPad comes with cute little app magnets your tiny future tablet user can move around and tap in vain. And you can draw on it! Which doesn't really jibe with Apple's disdain for the stylus, but does jibe with how much toddlers love to scribble all over everything as much as possible. Just hope your child can scrawl out a reply to Apple's cease and desist letter when anaPad is inevitably sued for a variety of intellectual property law infractions.

The anaPad, at $30, is also a decent buy if you're just completely broke and still want to pretend you own a tablet. Just be ready for looks when other adults see you're "using" a fake whiteboard iPad at Starbucks. [Etsy via Design Milk]