So what do you do when you need to shoot a giant perfectly-choreographed dance troupe performing when you only have a handful of dancers? Well that's easy. You just construct a gigantic sixty-foot tall kaleidoscope and have them perform right beneath its lens.

That's exactly what creative agency We Are Pi did for this promo video shot for a TEDxSummit held in Qatar. The seemingly elaborate choreography was particularly apro-pos since this summit was all about people coming together from all over the world. And the geometric patterns created by the kaleidoscope are reminiscent of the arabesque style of art popularized in the Middle East.

And since the only thing neater than seeing a 60-foot kaleidoscope in action is seeing how it was built, We Are Pi was kind enough to put together a behind-the-scenes look at how they went about constructing this massive art piece. [We Are Pi via Cnet]