Canon T3i with 18-55mm kit lens
0.004 sec (1/250)
Focal Length
24 mm
ISO Speed

I was driving home from getting groceries (in a Boston suburb) and drove past these tracks. I thought it was a beautiful scene and hit the brakes, backed up a bit, and took a shot from the driver's seat of my car. From their I cropped out a section of the road in the bottom of the shot.


-Milton Fall

I was watering the small potted lemon tree last week and I noticed a light dew on the leaves as the sun passed through the windows on my open front door. The glass has many prisms in it making the rainbow of colors on the leaf.


Sony SLT-A37 Minolta 50mm f/1.8 1/500 second. 17mm extender tube for macro.

-Jacob Freeman


Title: Mirrored Fall

I went for a weekend trip into the Appalachian Mountains hoping to take some great waterfall pictures with the gorgeous fall colors. Unfortunately, all the leaves around the waterfalls I hiked to were still only green with a little yellow. Although I did take some nice waterfall pictures, none of them really stood out. On my last morning there, I decided to walk down to the lake by my cabin and encountered the most vibrant colors I had seen all weekend. With no wind, the water was almost perfectly smooth letting me capture the dual fall colors in my picture.

Shot Info: Nikon D5000, 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 VR, ISO200, 1/25 sec at f/4.5, shot on tripod


-James Cox

The photo is called Autumn Leaves. I was invited to go for a short hike with my boss Alex and his Son Ryder. We had finished the hike and on the way to the car I saw these leaves and thought it would make for a great composition.
The setup included a Nikon D5100, Nikkor 50mm F1.8 lens, the settings were:1/800 Ć’/1.8 ISO 200, focal distance was 50mm. The photo location was near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and was taken on the 20th of October 2012.


-James Moxley

I took this photo on October 20, 2012, in Kinnelon, NJ. I love the way the colors of the leaves reflect in the water and the way the rocks seem to form an arrow. I shot it with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel, EF-S 18-55mm lens,1/50 sec, f/5.6.


-Jamie Babbitt

I shot this on one of my first photog-trips with friends in
Collingwood Ontario. When I bent down to tie my shoe I saw the line
of the fence and the gorgeous fall colours in the background and got
lucky enough to get this great shot!!


It was shot with a Nikon D50, using an 18-55mm lens and Auto-ISO on a
dark and almost-rainy day.

-Jamie House


Nikon D800e in AP Mode @320 ISO

Nikkor 105mm (Micro) @f/3.2 1/250

While I enjoy the results, this shot was born from disappointment. Last year I made the trek to the volcanic Hachimantai plateau in Akita Japan to be greeted with fleeting patches of sunlight and healthy dose of rain; for the rematch this year, it was a massive wind storm and an even heavier dose of the wet stuff. Perhaps, a curse.


With crap conditions my focus goes small, so I slapped the macro lens on and began my hunts. However, during this time, I began to feel a solution to the storm would be to focus on the rich colors of the wet trees and the warm glow behind them.

Image title: Fall's Reach

Process was mostly Lightroom with a minor measure of Photoshop using Selective Color Adjustment layer to further enhance the foliage.


-Jason Arney

some friends and i were shooting a mountain bike promo video for a guy who builds bikes from scratch. i was just laying in the leaves waiting for the next pass and was struck by how awesome a day it was.


canon 5d mkII with the 24-105mm lens. iso 2000, f/4, 1/800s

-Jason Stern


was very fortunate to be stateside while the leaves were changing. I traveled all over: Colorado, Pennsylvania and New York. Everywhere was so beautiful, it was hard to choose what to submit. The photo I chose is from Sedalia, Colorado taken at sunrise. I decided to submit this one for several reasons 1) I am rarely up before sunrise unless I am suffering from massive jetlag 2) it was taken on the morning of my sister-in-law's wedding day and 3) beyond just the colors of the leaves, it shows exactly how beautiful and crisp a fall day can be. There is so much fall detail, the pink Rocky Mountains, the orange scrub oaks, the rolling hills of yellowing grasses. My favorite part though how the red leaves match the red barn.

Canon 550D 18-55mm kit lens
18 mm
1/250 sec
ISO 400

-Jeannie Moulton


After a day full of driving side roads in my new GTI, I stopped to take this shot about a mile from Mount Monadnock right outside of Keene, NH. Canon Rebel XT 18-55mm IS lens, 35mm focal length, F8.0, 1/100, ISO 100

-Jeffrey Holway


Equipment: D200 w/ 18-70 Nikon DX lens. Gitzo Tripod.
Settings: ISO 100; f/13; Shutter: .4s & .8s

Technique: Two images, one exposed for highlights and one exposed for shadows, were merged in Photoshop—ala HDR. Adjustment layers followed. Additionally, there is a separate photo of some unique textures from a darkroom tray blended in to form a vignette.

Story: Hurricane Sandy was about to hit southern Massachusetts and I hadn't gotten a chance to take some fall foliage pictures. So my wife and I went leaf peeping. The overcast sky provided some phenomenal lighting with the sun just breaking through the clouds as it neared the horizon and the following picture ensued. It was a good thing we went then, because now there are no leaves on any tree


-Jeffery Habenicht

I took a ton of photos for this challenge which made it really hard to pick just one to submit. But I ended up picking this photo because of the multitude of colors on one leaf. I thought it looked really unique and interesting. To take the photo, I used my iPhone 5.


-Jeff Ring

These are some kind of Poplar trees at the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Frankfort, Kentucky. I walk these woods with my dog just about everyday during the fall. At the right time in evening, the sunlight hits the top of these trees and really bring out the color of the leaves. With a bright blue sky above the yellow tree tops, I quickly shaped this shot to show off the colors and the height of these amazing trees.


Taken with my iPhone 4S with no Photoshop or filters.

-Jeremy Rome


I took this photo on a visit to beautiful Park Bois de la Cambre in Brussels, Belgium.
I went a bit off the beaten track and stumbled upon this group of mushrooms.
The light was good, the colours looked nice, so I started to fire away...

Fujifilm X10
ISO 400
Focal length: 7,1mm
Aperture: f/2,2
Shutter speed: 1/60

-Jernej Stefanec


The setup used was a Nikon D3100 with an 18-55mm NIKKOR VR lens, at ISO 100. The F-stop was f/22, and the exposure time was 1/50 sec. This photo was taken on the Penn State University Behrend campus, in Erie, Pennsylvania. With the end of fall fast approaching, it is nice to look back at the beauty that is nature. The woods behind the campus put on a stunning show with a large variety of colors and textures. It could almost be mistaken for a serene painting.

-Jonathan Riska


I have recently moved to an area of the country that experiences actual seasons. Being from San Diego we don't experience Fall so to speak.

Technical info:
Canon Rebel XS with Canon 50mm f/1.8
Aperture @ f/4
Exposure @ 1/13s

-Joseph Baltazar


When I first started out for this challenge, I tried to find the perfect setting with lined trees, or a pathway covered in leaves, or something "typical". But after working for a few hours cleaning up my yard, I thought, 'what was more fun than jumping in leaves when growing up as a kid'? So after the pile was finished, I grabbed my camera and jumped around in the pile of leaves with my dog.

This picture is a bit blurry because I wanted to capture the movement of jumping in the leaves. For the photo, I used a Canon T2i with 28-135 lens, ISO 200, f3.5, 1/80

-Joshua Dersch


Nikon D3100, 400ISO, 18-55 Nikon "Kit" lens, no idea what the shutter speed or aperture where at.

I recently visited the UCSD college campus in to take photos of the famous Geisel library. I'm 32 years old and never attended college so while I was on campus I found myself walking around and imagining what it would have been like to go to a school like this while I was snapping pictures.

UCSD has this common area with a little fountain at price center west. I noticed this leaf hanging over the edge of the fountain and I loved the colors and how the water dropped off the stem. So I took a photo of it and here you go


-Joshua Kelsey

I used a 50mm lens with a f6.3 at 1/80. The pictures was taken at Lake Bastrop in Texas.


-Juan Villarreal

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. My wife and I have lived in our apartment for over 3 years. There is a certain tree that sits right outside our building that never disappoints in this season. It truly has become my favorite tree. I always want to capture the best picture I can of it each year, but I seem to love them all. A simple view looking up grants you a magical fall experience of brilliant red colors. And that is all this is, a simple view looking straight up into the tree.


Canon Rebel XSI, 50mm f/1.8, f/2.5, 1/1600 sec., ISO 100

-Justin Biggs


Sony A33 DSLR - 55 mm lens
ISO- 100
F/ 5.6
SS 1/400
Oct. 2012

Every fall my mom and I do the traditional apple picking and buying of kettle corn, hot apple cider, and apple pie at our local farm, Pattersons. Patterson's is in the small town of Chesterland Ohio, where the fall trees overwhelm the landscape. This particular year I happen to have my camera in the car, as we were driving, and I made my mom pull over on the side of the road and stop when I saw the reflection of the fall leaves in the water. I snaped a few pictures, causing a traffic jam, and having some cus words being directed at me. But it was all worth it at in the end, as this landscape pictures hangs in our kitchen to remind my family of the beautiful city we live in.

-Kaitlin Bondra


This is the courtyard of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. You will
find lots of photos of the main castle on the web, but this one is
from the interior of the castle looking out. There is a row of small
windows in the hallway just before the tour entrance, so I stuck my
camera out for a few shots. It was a cool, misty day - still early in
the season - and this single tree in the courtyard had just recently
turned its leaves yellow.

Canon EOS 7D
1/20 sec.

-Kent Waller


This photo was taken on October 20th as my wife and I were on our back from Lake Tahoe celebrating our 1st anniversary. We were driving past Truckee and we saw this area of birch trees with a abandoned amongst them. So we decided to pull over to check it out and take some pictures. While there stumbled upon this log with a pumpkin on it and i just gravitated to it and started looking for the best angles. I loved this angle as able to get the pumpkin in the foreground, while the background has beautiful blue skin, yellow birch tree leves and tall redwood trees.

I took the picture with my Nikon D5000 using my Tamron 28-75mm lens.

ISO 200, 28mm, f/4.5, exposure 1/2500.

-Kevin Day


I recently moved to Portland, Oregon, where the fall is defined as much by the start of the winter rains as it is by the colorful foliage. Although daily rainstorms can become oppressive, the puddles they leave are beautiful in their own way. This photo was taken on a basketball court, where a puddle was reflecting a beautiful yellow tree. Taken using a Sony DSC-H20

-Leah Nicolich-Henkin


Although more wintery than fall, I wanted to capture the bitter cold we've had for a few days this fall. I got the idea from an article I saw a while back about capturing leaves in ice using a Pyrex dish, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

This was shot from my Lumix G5, 14-42mm kit lens fully extended, f/8, 1/15 shutter, ISO 160.

-Joselito Santana


Shot with Canon 7D with a 15-85mm IS lens at 16mm F/16, 1/250 sec. 400 ISO

The main challenge with this shot was the wind. The leaves i had carefully placed on the ground kept flying away. I had to rethink the complex shape I initially had in mind for this simpler, more grouped design. I like the Green to Red pattern, as it depicts the real transition in the trees at a 45 degree North lattitude these days. Lighting was also a major problem. The sun came up and blew everything to white wherever there was a hole in the treeline. I had to move the design to a shadowy spot in the woods and use two speedlited as the main source. It gave everything a nice black halo feel that i quite liked in the end.

-Marc Lepage


My girlfriend and I took a trip from Portland, Maine to Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal, Maine.
As usual, I rushed out the door bringing only my trusty iPhone while she brilliantly remembered to bring her Canon PowerShot.
She neglected to let me in on her secret in an effort to snap a few pics of her own before I hijacked her camera all day (after fourteen years together, she knows).
From the summit of the mountain, she took this photo of the surrounding landscape with her free hand while holding our energetic French Bulldog on a leash with the other.
She gave me the camera for the rest of our hike and although I took many great shots with her camera that day, I had to commend her execution on this one.
They say the best camera is the one that you have on you… unless of course, you bring your girlfriend.

Date taken: October 7th, 2012 @ 12:40pm
Camera: Canon PowerShot A2000 IS
F-stop: f/5
Exposure: 1/125 sec.
ISO: 80
Focal Length: 27mm

-Marquis Grant


It's now late fall here in New England. I'm still getting used to the
early sunsets and colder days, but those early sunsets mean golden
hour starts around 3 PM! So I headed down to the pond where a few
beautiful trees and bushes still had their brightly colored leaves.
These berries caught my eye.

Shot with a Nikon D7000: 1/1250, Ć’/5.3, ISO 320.

-Martha Bixby


Nikon D7000
18-200 VR
ISO 800

I just arrived in Oxford - I'm originally from Vienna - and to welcome me, a friend of mine, Evelyn, took me to see Worcester College. Even though its a comparatively young college, it definitely is one of the most beautiful with its lake, medieval cottages and neoclassical mansions. So we went there and there was this massive chestnut tree reaching over the lake. Because my (cropped) 18mm lens couldn't cope with the magnificence of the tree, I instead decided to climb it (don't ask me how I came up with that idea!) Evelyn could barely watch as I was climbing just above the water (and I admit, a few times falling into the lake seemed almost inevitable). In principle, I wanted to use the branches to frame some of the ducks swimming around, but because the bark was so slippery I just stood still, waiting for something to happen - something other than me being photographed by Japanese tourist as I am falling from the tree. And once I stopped moving, one of the ducks just swam right into my frame

-Martin Prechelmacher


Sony Alpha a55

This shot is from in my backyard. I have a wonderful variety of trees in the back that always give me a full wide range of colors in the was taken with a 17-50 mm lens at 17mm and f2.8.with a 1/13 second shutter. Sorry for the quality on the 970px file, I had to use 45%quality to get it under 200k.

-Marvin Francois


I shot this while on location shooting video content for a winery on Howell Mtn in Napa.
We started shooting video about an hour before the sun came up.
As the sun rose over the valley the light in the vineyard on the mountain top was incredible.
The biggest challenge for me was making the leaves in the shot more central than the grapes. How'd I do?

The pic was shot on a Canon 5d III set to an ISO of 320
Used a 50mm prime @ f/4 @1/640th
I believe I was using Aperture Priority when I took the shot.

Post included minor color adjustment and a slight tweak with a tilt shift filter to help make the leaves rather than the grapes central


-Matthew Goff

Canon T2i, 1/160, f/5.0, ISO 400, EF-S 18-135.

My family and I had already planned a trip up to New England around the start of October to see the sights, the foliage, and relatives. As luck would have it, right before we left I saw this challenge and grabbed our better camera for the trip. On our way back from the Fryeburg Fair one evening we passed this gorgeous lake as the sun was setting and we decided to stop for pictures. Sadly the sun had almost fully set and the colors were fading so I was lucky to get anything out of it.


-Matthew Kent

These were taken on the shore of the Hudson River on the Poughkeepsie waterfront in Poughkeepsie NY, on the foggy morning of October 18th. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America so my wife and visited the Hudson Valley for a couple of days during our NYC trip.


Nikon D600 with the 24-85mm kit lens, ISO 1600, 42mm, f/11, 1/500.

-Joshua Johnson