Fanboy #1 Gets Zune Tattoo #2

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I didn't get it before, and really don't get it now. I get it! This is just iPod counter culture!


You know that guy who got a Zune tattoo, and a reward of 5 free songs and some Zune stickers from Microsoft? Here's his second tattoo. Guess he wants more stickers. Perhaps there's some subliminal programming in those new ads?

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Image of new tattoo from Engadget, image of the old Tattoo:

Illustration for article titled Fanboy #1 Gets Zune Tattoo #2

I also notice that guy has shaved his handlebar mustache between now and then. We notice the little things, here at Gizmodo.
Zune Scene [Thanks Nate, image from Engadget]


Woah... sorry my computer bugged out and it posted the comment too soon:

What do you peope have against the Zune?

Its a fine player, with more battery life than the ipod, larger screen, Wi-Fi that has yet to be developed but it certainly can and most likely will be, it has a larger screen than most of its competition, its build quality is superb, it supports alot of audio formats, not so much for video, it is scratch free (with the exception of the screen, but thats still better than the ipod).

I mean.. all i see is people bagging it because it is made by Microsoft... what is so bad about Microsoft? Oh wait.. i know.. it gets viruses... well some people are so fucked up to the point where they want to harm one's investmant by creating viruses/spyware.. the fix? keep downloading MS's security updates and download Avast 4 home! and Spybot S&D and you'll be fine.. for free.

and besides.. what does that have to do with the Zune? nothing!

if its not MS than it must be that the Wi-Fi is almost useless... so? Does the ipod even have Wi-Fi?? if you dont want it.. turn it off.. damn!

Well... then it must be because it doesnt support Playsforsure, yeah, i agree, thats bullshit.. but i buy the CDs from stores and used so that doesnt effect me one bit.. but the ipod doesnt support playsforsure either.. and the funniest thing is i see alot of iPod fanboys bitching about how it doesnt support playsforsure when i know for a fact that they dont even use playsforsure.. so.....

And the worst one yet, that Steve Jobs himself used to dis the zune.. is the choice of Brown... ok... so what? if you dont like brown then pick white, black, red, blue (halo 3), pink, or any of the other special editions. With the ipod all you get is black and white.

then also the lack of being able to use it as a USB drive... true that sucks. but how many people primarily use this for transferring files? If you wanted to transfer files shouldnt you get a 1gb flash drive that go for only 20 bucks or less.

and then almost as pathetic as the brown one.. is the resolution is the same as the ipod, yet the screen is larger. Well that is true.. but you really cant notice it.. at all.. its just imaginary fear, you can try to find it.. then force yourself to believe that it is really REALLY blurry.. when in reality it looks perfectly fine.

Put it this way, the ipod is up to 5.5 generation.. so they have had 5 products and a good 5-6 years of solid customer testing to make their player what it is today.. the zune? 8 months, and with 8 months of testing I can say it is far superior to the ipod.

As for software, Its not as good as iTunes 7.. thats right iTunes SEVEN!! this is ZMP 1... Would you expect a newborn infant to compete against a highschool athlete and win? NO, but once the infant becomes an athlete of himself, and the highschooler becomes tired and lazy the infant will eventually win... ok thats corny but you get the point. give the zune some time...