The Rescued Film Project has a mission: It rescues long-forgotten photographs hiding on many decades of old undeveloped film rolls. But the following seven images have became outstanding accidental digital artwork.

The project’s blog explains:

Each image in our archive was recovered from found film from locations all over the world, and came to us in the form of undeveloped rolls of film. We have the capability to process film from all era’s. Even film that has been degraded by heat, moisture, and age. Or is no longer manufactured.

Thanks to a mysterious software bug that occurred while scanning these joyful family photos, probably from the 80s, strange colorful shapes swarmed the peaceful scenes, harmonizing with the color palette of the original negatives. The results are stunning. I personally almost feel like Neo from Matrix, when he starts to see the code.


“Is this real life?” asks the Rescued Film Project. I say: this might be the fabric of our world.

Images courtesy of the Rescued Film Project, republished here with permission.