The Fast & Furious movie franchise is consistently the most fun anyone can have in a movie theater because the stuff they do is completely ridiculous and borderline insane. Like do you remember that scene from the Furious 7 trailer where they dropped cars from an airplane? That wasn't CGI, that actually happened.

We've seen vehicle drops from the military and others before, of course, but this Furious stunt is especially nuts because of the choreography (luck? regular gravity?) required for all the moving parts: multiple skydiving cameramen trying to get the best shot, the planes that dropped the cars maneuvering out of the way, the helicopter hovering around making sure everythings good and oh yeah, those falling cars on parachutes. Who needs CGI (actors, apparently).


Crazy dudes jump right before the car goes and other crazy dudes chasing after the car drop:

Here's a behind the scenes look of how they pulled it off:

I can't wait for the movie. Not a joke. Never a joke.


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