Fastmac's Mac-Specific Blu-ray External Drive Is Slim and $99

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The boys at Crunchgear spotted an intriguing portable Mac-intended "Blu-ray SuperDrive" from Fastmac-and while it's not swathed in unibody aluminum, it looks like a pretty good get for $99. Updated:

It'll also write DVDs (at 8x)-no BD writing though. Crunch says it requires an external power brick, which kind of nullifies the "portable" aspect. Still, can't beat that price. No word on official availability, but we would imagine it's on the way soon.


Update 7:46 PM EST: The drive has been spotted on Fastmac's site (in white, natch) at the price of $130, marked down from the regular $150. So $99 might be a Macworld-only deal (companies sell stuff at Macworld? I've never been, news to me) but still a pretty good deal. [Thanks, something unique...]



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Until a cheap BD writer is available, I'll stick to my internal superdrive and LAN storage for my file storage needs.

Now if Apple ever make an INTERNAL BD upgrade to replace the current MBP drive available, that I'd be really interested in..