Fatman's Wi-Tube Valve Amplifier Streams Audio Wirelessly From The FatDock

Illustration for article titled Fatmans Wi-Tube Valve Amplifier Streams Audio Wirelessly From The FatDock

There's a new power couple in town—Fatman's Wi-Tube and FatDock. The Wi-Tube valve amplifier can stream music wirelessly from a docked iPod or by the multitude of outputs the FatDock also offers.


If you happen to invite a non-Apple-eating friend over for a long night in listening to Roxette's back catalog, you can connect a media player or other source by the 3.5mm input, alternatively most iPod and iPhone models will do the trick. It not only charges any 'pod that's stuck in it, but can also sync up to a Mac or PC by USB.

The Wi-Tube amp has two RCA inputs and one 3.5mm jack, and the FatDock can output wirelessly, or by RCA, USB, Video or S-Video—controllable with the bundled remote control.


On sale in April for our UK friends for £399, it'll retail for $599 in the States when it hits stores late April/early May. [Fatman]

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Joe Stoner

I like the sound of a tube amp, but is any of that fidelity being given up by transmitting it wirelessly? Anything I run through a tube amp generally comes straight from musical instruments using nice thick cables... this somehow feels like watching an HDTV with a composite video signal. I have no idea how this one sounds, but I'm suspicious.