Favreau Shoots Down Your Pet Theories About Iron Man 3. And A Glee Star Will Play An Alien's Girlfriend!

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Your favorite comics storyline won't happen in Iron Man 3, says Jon Favreau. Don't hold your breath for Avatar 2. A Glee star joins a teen-alien saga. Brolin talks Jonah Hex campiness. Plus Nightmare, Doctor Who, Lost, Twilight and Fringe.


Iron Man 3:

If you're one of those people who's been clamoring for the movies to tackle the "Demon In A Bottle" storyline, then you may have to lower your expectations. Jon Favreau says it'll never happen:

I think the closest you'll get is what we did in this one. You obliquely address issues that were raised in the books. If you look at the storyline of "Demon in a Bottle," we follow the plot points of that. We don't delve as deeply into it totally, because "Demon in a Bottle" was a very depressing exploration of alcoholism. Here, we obliquely touch upon things, but the reason Rhodey [Don Cheadle] first puts the suit on is because Iron Man is not capable of handling the mantle of his responsibility. And that's the same thing in this movie. We do a tip of the hat to that, but we do it in a tone people are accustomed to for our franchise.


Avatar 2:

James Cameron reportedly told students at Ohio State that it'll be at least three and a half years before the sequel comes out. [Slashfilm]

I Am Number Four:

Dianna Agron, Glee's Quinn Fabray, has joined this film as the main love interest. She's dating a jock, but she takes a shine to the undercover alien Number Four and becomes his confidante. She joins Alex Pettyfer as Number Four, Sharlto Copley as Number Four's mentor, and Teresa Palmer as Number Six. D.J. Caruso is directing. [Heat Vision Blog]


Nightmare On Elm St:

Here's one more clip.

Jonah Hex:

Star Josh Brolin says he sees this as an "absurdist" supernatural Western, and the campier it gets, the better. He adds that at one point during filming, he'd told an MTV reporter it was a horrible movie, but now he's changed his mind:

It was something else entirely than what I thought it was. It's kind of a crazy, absurd journey through that movie, in that we were changing a lot of things while we were shooting, and it started to surface as a different movie than we had initially thought it was. Because of the actors we had, I thought we captured some really interesting performances, between Michael Shannon and Michael Fassbender and [John] Malkovich. I said to you before: "It's a horrible movie." It's not a horrible movie, and it was never a horrible movie. It was just something that I wasn't used to. It was a genre I'd never done. I thought it'd be great because we'll do something unique and original if we find [a director] who can help pull it off. And that's exactly what it's done - it's created an original, bizarre take on a supernatural subject.



The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

Here's what happens in this third movie:

Seattle is ravaged by a series of killings caused by an army of newborn vampires controlled by revenge-seeking bloodsucker Victoria. To combat the threat against Bella ( Kristen Stewart) in this third installment of the franchise, the Cullens must band together and join forces with their sworn enemies, the wolf pack.


And in this film, we'll really see the Cullen clan's "vampire-ness." And there'll be a lot of killing this time out. [L.A. Times]

And here are a buttload of promo pics. [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Doctor Who:

Here's the official synopsis for episode 7, "Amy's Choice":

It's been five years since Amy Pond last travelled with the Doctor, and when he lands in her garden again, on the eve of the birth of her first child, she finds herself facing a heartbreaking choice – one that will change her life for ever.



Alex Kingston introduces episode five, "Flesh And Stone":

Here's a promo pic from "The Hungry Earth".


Astrid speaks! Here's an interview with Jasika Nicole. [TV Overmind]


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Here's a pic from the May 14 season finale, showing Clark and Zod fighting it out — and yes, that is a blue kryptonite dagger in Zod's hand, it's not just he's glad to see Clark. The blue kryptonite dagger will strip Clark... of his powers. Bigger version at the link. [EW]

The "Sacrifice" of the finale's title refers to a person who will be sacrificed to stop Zod. [Fancast]



The show had to build brand new sets for the finale, says Damon Lindelof, and after you watch the final episode, you'll be left with questions, such as "What did they mean by this?" And he says we'll be satisfied with how the flash-sideways thing gets explained:

We knew the new storytelling device would be controversial. We started showing people this thing, and people don't know what it is. They don't know how it connects back in the show. We're throwing this huge mystery into a show that already has a bunch of mysteries at a time when the audience expects us to be closing doors and not opening them.


[Hollywood Reporter]

Anonymous sources have a ton of leaks about the remaining few episodes. As usual, the "grain of salt" rule applies. Ready? Here we go. In Tuesday's episode, as we've heard before, Smokey tricks Jack into taking a backpack full of explosives onto Widmore's sub, blowing it up. Sun and Jin die, and so does Widmore. Sayid also dies, but he redeems himself first. You're meant to think Sawyer dies, but Jack saves him. Zoe shoots Kate in the shoulder, but she survives too.


And in the following episode, we see that Jacob and Young M.I.B. arrive on the island in 23 A.D., and their falling out happens when they're in their late twenties. There's a "twist" to the fact that they're brothers with the same mother. And we find out at some point that "Adam And Eve" are M.I.B. and his mother, and Jacob put them in that cave. Also, in that leaked call sheet, "Hell" is a metaphor — not surprisingly. [The ODI]

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