Feeling Up the LG Multitouch: It's a Hoot But Flawed

LG.Philips dives into the multi-touch display game at CES 2008, seen here running Google Earth. Coolness indeed, but LG's idea of mounting dual IR-sensitive cameras on either side of the display is still flawed.

Since it's such a big screen, its two-point moving and zooming is not exactly an iPhone finger pinch, and zooming out requires two hands and a rather elaborate movement to get any action.

The screen isn't quite as sensitive as the iPhone's, so double-clicking is iffy. It didn't work about 60% of the time. As a home product, it'd probably wear you out with all that requisite arm flapping and gesturing. Add that to the fingerprint problem when messy kids want to play with it during their peanut butter-and-jelly lunch, and this could get old pretty fast. Even so, it's definitely a hoot to use, and will probably soon see lots of play in info kiosks and advertising panels.
Reporting and video by Curtis Walker

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Bowler Hat

That's what I don't get about touchscreens. A mouse and keyboard is so much more convenient if you think about it. I bet if touchscreens had come first right now CES would be abuzz with talk of a new technology called the "mouse" that would revolutionise computers by allowing to control a cursor on the screen with only one hand, doing away with the tiring and wasteful movements! Woohoo!