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If you're one of the many tax-procrastinating thrill seekers who waited until the last minute to get cracking, there's a pretty good chance you spent most of that time cursing TurboTax's powers that be. It might have even been enough to make you yearn for a simpler time, a time when we weren't dependent on the capricious interent for our tax-filing needs. But this video detailing the various online tax prep packages of 1991 should put an end to any of that nonsense.


This episode of the fantastic and unintentionally hilarious Computer Chronicles helps you get your feet wet in the exciting, high-tech world of IRS e-filing. Sure, these programs essentially looked exactly the same as the paper IRS forms—but now they were on a screen. And purple. This was still a vast improvement, though, since moving to a computer meant that calculations were at least done for you. So go ahead and take a look at the tax filing of yore and be glad it's not you. Unless you still haven't finished your taxes, in which case, er, probably best to keep at that. [Mental Floss]

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