Filthy Best Western Is Equipping Its Housekeeping Crew with Forensics-Detection Devices

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Black lights and ultraviolet light wands—typical tools of the trade, if you're a forensic investigator on the look out for germy DNA and body fluid stains—will be wielded by the housekeeping crews at all 2,200 North American hotels in the Best Western chain by the end of 2012.

Reasonable conclusion: filth and grime abound at the budget lodging chain, against the likes of which regular cleaning supplies are simply no match.


Business Insider reports that Best Western has implemented this intensified cleaning regime in response to research put out by Booz & Company that shows travelers' primary concern when selecting a place to stay is the cleanliness factor—this, over style, design, and customer service.

Internal measures taken at Best Westerns already employing the laser-and-light procedure show guest satisfaction with room cleanliness has risen by 12%, and for the overall experience by 13%, says Best Western vice-president Ron Pohl.


On one hand, it's reassuring to know that the hotel chain has instituted a CSI-caliber routine to ensure a clean, germ-free environment for its patrons. On the other hand, it's baldly disconcerting that the hotel chain has had to institute a CSI-caliber route to ensure a clean, germ-free environment for its patrons. [BusinessInsider - Image via Peter Kim/Shutterstock]