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Finally, A Phone That Only Dials 1-900 Numbers

Illustration for article titled Finally, A Phone That Only Dials 1-900 Numbers

We've searched far and wide, and at long last, we've found a phone that won't make any pesky normal phone calls. OK, technically it won't make any phone calls, but let's not harp on details.


Hotline is an adult novelty, aka repackaged children's toy that didn't sell well and/or offended the public. Here's how the magic happens:

Hotline ["calls"] direct to your favourite 1900 number!!! Press to listen to one of the lovely ladies. Speak to Sunshine, Bambi and they will get you hot! 2 x AA Battery Included


While I'm sure that Sunshine and Bambi are quite charming, nothing kills the mood set by low bitrate dirty talk like knowing you've gotta hunt down some AAs. Am I right? $19. [Aussie Gadgets via Nerd Approved]

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Platypus Man

$19? Seriously? Who in their right mind would pay $19 for this?