Finally, Orphan Black Toys Are Here - And They Look Great

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Part of what has made Funko's Pop toys so monstrously successful in recent years is that they tie several disparate franchises together into a single, all-encompassing style - you can have Batman next to Joffrey next to Cthulhu, and so on. It also means making a series of Orphan Black toys makes total sense!

Nerdist got the exclusive reveal of Funko's latest series of Pop! Vinyls, finally giving members of the Clone Club some long needed merchandise - Sarah, Cosima, Helena, Alison and Rachel will all appear in the first wave of figures (Rachel appears twice actually, and will have a hilarious, yet spoilery variant exclusive to Hot Topic). Here's Cosima, but you can see the rest over at Nerdist's gallery.

Illustration for article titled Finally, Orphan Black Toys Are Here - And They Look Great

Even better news than the existence of Orphan Black toys though is that they're going to be available this month in the US - they'll be exclusive to Hot Topic's retail and online stores from now until May, when they'll release on a wider scale in all the usual places you can pick up Pop! Vinyls. Which at this point is basically everywhere.

But man, this just makes me want some 'normal' Orphan Black figures - I mean, you could just use the same basic body sculpt for each clone! That's how making toys works, right? No? Well fine, just give me some damn OB toys either way.


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Sigh...I'm always a bit let down to hear that a license "has figures!" only to find out that they're the ubiquitous Funko Pop! Vinyls. I mean jeez, these things have taken over toy stores and comic stores like some kind of creeping fungus. They're everywhere. I confess, I own some myself, and I'm looking at two on my desk right now, but the sheer universality of these things is a bit disturbing. Also, the paint quality usually leaves something to be desired.

I know it's more difficult and costly to produce traditional "action figures" but these PoPs have a certain aura of that gift you give somebody when you don't know what else to get the person because all you know about them is that they like a certain property.