Carol fans, rejoice! Perhaps the TV show's best character (not the best TWD character as a whole though, she already has one) is finally, finally making her début in McFarlane's action figure line.

It's taken 6 waves of McFarlane's The Walking Dead line to get us to this point, but alongside Rick, The Governor (Exclusive to Walgreens of all places), Herschel, Abraham and a new Zombie, Carol has arrived. Here she is in all her glory alongside the rest of the wave:


Despite her not having any weaponry int he above picture, Carol actually comes with a pistol as well as her trusty knife. The wave of figures, which retail for around $15, is in stores now - so you don't have to wait long for your very own Carol Peletier. Hurrah!

It's been quite the week for action figures based on characters named Carol, hasn't it?

[via Action Figure Insider]

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