Maybe you’re trying to up the spooky factor at home. Maybe you get generally creeped out this time of year and would like to know if you should stay at a friend’s house tonight. Or maybe you’re just the morbidly curious type. Well, this site will calm your fears or indulge your nightmares.

Housecreep was started by brothers Albert and Robert Armieri when they found the bedbug registries to be seriously lacking information about other scary things that come with real estate. Namely, they thought people might want to know about murders, alleged hauntings, nearby gravesites, and other potential issues for the frightened and superstitious. (Also, weed growing, brothels, suicides, and more.)


Thankfully, my building in Brooklyn checks out. No hauntings here, which is surprising because a strange orange goo tends to run down the walls come autumn. But just nearby, a man was suffocated by his girlfriend’s son and buried in the backyard. And not far away, there’s the “House of Death” which is home to 22 ghosts including Mark Twain and is a prime spot for paranormal investigators.

The site attempts to link news stories supporting the claims but that’s not always strictly followed. If you’re looking for a scary tale to tell yourself in the dark, who cares about accuracy. But if you’re a real estate agent or property owner that could mean a whole different horror story for you. But don’t fully trust this site or make buying decisions based on it. Personally, the bedbug registry still fills me with more dread than a ghost but different strokes for different folks.


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