Find Out if Your Personal Data Is Part of LulzSec's Grand Finale

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LulzSec says they're retiring, but that doesn't mean they're not trying to go out with a bang. They've dropped compromised user data that could mean even more trouble for you. Were you hacked? Use our exclusive database to find out.

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Along with their fond farewell comes unencrypted internal data from AOL and AT&T, as well as the user information of literally hundred of thousands of users of different provenance. The full leak's contents, from the dump's download page, are:

50 Days of Lulz.txt 2.64 KiB
AOL internal data.txt 63.6 KiB
AT&T internal data.rar 314.59 MiB
Battlefield Heroes Beta (550k users).csv 24.67 MiB
FBI being silly.txt 3.82 KiB (200k users).sql 111.2 MiB (12k users).csv 941.8 KiB
Office networks of corporations.txt 3.87 KiB
Private Investigator Emails.txt 2.52 KiB
Random gaming forums (50k users).txt 6.08 MiB
Silly routers.txt 67.7 KiB owned.png 240.51 KiB

This obviously isn't the sort of stuff you want floating out there for all to see, so take the little bit of time to secure yourself. The first thing you can do to protect yourself is to use our tool to see if your account is among the endangered, and then take steps to guard against potential identity theft. And don't worry, we're not storing any text you enter in the search box.