Find Out What Your ZIP Code Predicts You'll Buy

Where you live says a lot about you—and nobody knows that better than marketeers. Now, though, you can take a glimpse at what they know, using this searchable map built by software company Esri.

Its Tapestry Segmentation project rolls together demographic data from the Census and marketing data from GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence to... well, to terrifying effect. The results are sliced and diced into 67 profiles of American market segments, which are shown in percentage terms when you search by ZIP code. You can search for your own in the interactive map below (or on their full site).


Are your surrounded by "Prairie Living," "Dorms to Diplomas," "Laptops and Lattes," "Las Casas," or some other demographic entirely? Silly names aside, the descriptions will probably cut close to the bone. Go on, give it a try. [Esri via WSJ]

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