You know that old proverb that says," The journey is its own reward?" Well, whoever came up with that baloney has clearly never taken a 13-hour redeye from Shanghai sitting between a screaming infant and a woman who just downloaded the Les Mis 20th Anniversary Original Cast Recording in its entirety.

Traveling can be hard on the body, and even harder on the ears—that's why Sennheiser now offers nine different headphones and headsets for those on the move. With features like NoiseGard, which uses digital noise-canceling technology to actively reduce external hubbub, and TalkThrough, which activates a miniature microphone that allows you to hear and carry on conversations without removing your headphones, Sennheiser has firmly established itself as the frontrunner in the world of innovative audio.


Additionally, all of Sennheiser's headphones can be adapted for multiple device use, and some models, like the circumaural PXC 360 BT and the supra-aural PXC 310 BT are even equipped with Bluetooth 2.1—allowing you to listen to your music, video player or in-flight entertainment wirelessly.

Check out the video above to see why Senneheiser headphones make the perfect travel companion, and head here to get a pair for yourself.