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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Finn & Jake solve marriage disputes on Adventure Time and Ponies re-enact the Star Wars Trilogy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This week we welcome Adventure Time back to the lineup and include the Avatar spin-off Legend of Korra for the first time.

We've got some great clips from South Park (including a live action spot), a wedding on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, some new aliens on Green Lantern, and a fan-made re-enactment of the original Star Wars Trilogy starring the cast of My Little Pony!


Minor spoilers ahead!

Adventure Time – "Web Weirdos"

Adventure Time -Web Weirdos

Finn and Jake get trapped in a giant spider web, and neither fingernails or stretch will free them.


In a bizarre turn, they give pep talks to mosquitoes marked for death and counsel couple of spiders going through a rough spot in their marriage. I don't remember if Jake and Finn survive the episode.

Green Lantern: TAS – "Fear Itself"


Hal and Kilowog look for good on an uncharted planet, as supplies for their interstellar journey run low. On the planet, the duo find themselves on opposite sides of a war between two species that inhabit the planet.

This clip features Kilowog protecting (and befriending) one of the locals.

Young Justice – "Auld Acquaintance"


We find out who the mole is in Auld Acquaintance (and this clip!). This episode aired in Brazil earlier this year (hence the subtitles), allowing for an extended, spoilerific preview of this episode.


Vandal Savage makes an appearance as well, with Young Justice facing off against the Justice League at the end.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – "A Canterlot Wedding"


Shining Armor is set to marry Cadence, the niece of Princess Celestia in this two part episode.


This clip shows the bride's procession, in My Little Pony fashion.

The Legend of Korra – "The Revelation"

The Legend of Korra_revelation

In the third episode of this Avatar spin-off, Naga takes Korra and Mako on a chase through the city looking for Bolin.


Korra hopes to gain access to the mysterious leader of the Equalists in this episode.

Thundercats – "Survival of the Fittest"

This episode centers on Wilykit and Wilykat and their hunt for food to survive, but they find out someone is hunting them. Cartoon Network did not release a preview clip of this episode, but it aired overseas earlier this year (hint, hint).


Transformers Prime – "Armada"


Bulkhead is trapped on board the Nemesis, and tries to do his best Solid Snake impression in this clip. It doesn't work too well.


Bulkhead bumps into the eternal traitor Starscream, leading to a pretty one-sided brawl and a speech reminiscent of one Sgt. Slaughter gave in G.I. Joe: The Movie.

South Park – "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining"


"You sold us out for an iPod Nano?" This episode is told in the vein of Animal Planet's I Shouldn't Have Survived, with a live-action sequence detailing the events of the boys' journey interspersed with animated commentary.


Re-enacted by Ponies – "The Original Star Wars Trilogy"

Star Wars Re-enacted by Ponies

Enjoy this great flash animation short created by Jacob Kitts that brings your favorite ponies into the Star Wars Universe.


Kitts did a Call of Duty short previously and is working on a Watchmen one at the moment – I'm certainly looking forward to the latter.

Top image by Jacob Kitts/The Hub. The Legend of Korra airs Saturday mornings on Nickelodeon. I really didn't know Nickelodeon still existed - do they still show Guts or You Can't do that on Television? I hope so. Transformers: Prime airs Saturday afternoons on The Hub. South Park airs Wednesday nights on Comedy Central. Adventure Timeairs Monday nights on the Cartoon Network. Thundercats, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and Young Justice air Saturday mornings on the Cartoon Network, so turn your television on.