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Fire-Ice Dug Up From the Ocean Floor Could Fill Japan's Fukushima-Shaped Hole

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After the Fukushima disaster, Japan has obvious reasons for seeking out an energy alternative to replace 1/3 of its power. This so-called "fire-ice" could be drilled from the bottom of the Pacific ocean, though it's not the safest option around.


According to Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, just one cubic meter of the combustible ice turns into 164 cubic meters of natural gas when melted, so it's within their best interests to get in on the drilling action. Not only is it a dangerous pursuit though, with the potential for the ocean bed to be severely disrupted and methane to be leaked, it's dangerous—the country has applied for $127.5 million to experiment with an offshore drilling plant.

Despite all of that, Japan's soldiering ahead with the plans, and wants to be commercially turning ice into gas by 2020. [Smart Planet, Image Credit: Inhabitat]


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