If you've got a powerful desktop, it probably sounds like a jet engine. You could opt for watercooling, but if you stick with fans you're out of luck. They're just loud. Until you bolt on some active noise canceling.

Produced by enthusiast CPU-cooler pros, Noctua, with some help from RotoSub, the cooling unit is only a prototype, but popped up at this year's Computex in working order. Thanks to a built-in microphone that picks up on the fan's hum, and a set of speakers that put out a phase-shifted sound to cancel it out, the little miracle worker can take fans from BZZZZZ to damn near silent at the press of a button.


It's a clever solution to a pretty annoying problem, but you can bet that when it hits the market it's going to come at a hefty price. But exactly how much it'll be, and when you can get one is still TBD. Rf silence is really golden though, maybe it'll be worth it. [Noctua via Geek.com]

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