I'm snowed in, up at Tahoe, and even worse, my friends are making me watch the Oscars. Which only turned out to be cool after seeing this Apple spot for the iPhone. The first ever, I believe. Simply many actors, 28 actually, from many eras, saying hello on the phone, and then an image of the device, finishing with the text "Coming in June". Then I got up to blog it. Not surprisingly, when you're trapped in snow-drifted cabin, without anything but a 56k internet connection and old computer, there is a lot of analysis that can be done to the 30-second spot, which reportedly went for $1.7 million bucks. More...

If you didn't notice, the phone has an AT&T logo replacing the Cingular image, on the top left of the screen. And Richard Blakeley points out that the time used to say 10:15. Now it says 10:12. "It's a time machine!", says Richard.


I wonder if there's any significance to the numbers 10:12 and 10:15. Biblical, personal for Jobs?...OK, I need to get out of this cabin. This sort of obsession is best left to the real mac wonks.

And speaking of obsession, can anyone name all the actors in the commercial? Is there a pattern to the actors used, in term of time, studio, etc? (Hit the comments, we'll approve em after a short while.)

That's 40 million viewers, watching the second slot of the awards, btw. I wonder if it is too big of an assumption to think the mainstreamers are going to have a clue to what's going on in this spot. Regardless, the ad is a nice little collab between Hollywood studios and Apple. Here's hoping to more of that in the future, in terms of iTunes movie selection.


Apple iPhone Oscars Ad [myiphone]


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