First Footage Of James Marsters As An Alien-Fighting Cowboy

Illustration for article titled First Footage Of James Marsters As An Alien-Fighting Cowboy

Did Dragonball kill all of James Marsters' sex appeal for you? Don't worry, we've got clips of him fighting an alien, as a cowboy. Throw in a unicorn and you've got last nights sex dream.


Even though it's getting a solid F for effort on title, the TV movie Alien Western actually looks pretty interesting. Marsters is stars as Sam Danville, a prisoner who's about to be executed, but his day of reckoning is interrupted by an alien attack. While I'm not a fan of the noises the aliens are making, I'll tune in for Marsters any day. Check out the clips below. Western premieres on the Syfy Channel on June 1st.

When is someone just going to give Marsters his own genre show? I don't understand it.




The only way that this could be better would be if David Boreanaz showed up and they had to kill the aliens together... With swords... and they were vampires... and it was really just an Angel movie...