First Hands-On Video of Wii Wheel with Mario Kart Wii

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My buddy Stephen T over at MTV's Multiplayer blog scored the first video demo of the Wii Wheel in Mario Kart Wii game play. Melvin at Nintendo shows him how to insert a Wiimote into the Wheel, then head to the races. Watch T manage to execute a wheelie and a powerslide, then—in the second video in the link below—try the same maneuvering sans Wheel, with far less enthusiasm. He doesn't say whether or not it's a true winner or a waste of plastic, but my guess is, he likes it better than this guy. His biggest gripe? No horn to honk, Maggie Simpson style. FYI: If you live in Canada, UK or Japan, MTV hates your guts. [MTV Multiplayer]



So the wheel is pointless I take it? You asked him if it knew you were using the wheel, and he says "it sure does" but then goes on to say that playing with the Wiimote is like playing with the wheel. What exactly does the wheel bring to the game play? Because what I'm seeing here is that you could just hold the Wii mote on its side and it'll still work. I don't quite get what the point of it is...