First iRiver Spinn PMP Impressions (Verdict: Lovin' It)

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The guys over at Crave UK got their hands on the new iRiver Spinn PMP, and although they have not conducted a full review yet, their initial impressions were positive. They love the 3.2-inch AMOLED screen saying that "Images are stunning; videos are smooth and sharp." They also found the sound quality to be superb and the menus to be effective-although it may be a little too touch sensitive and the scroll wheel can be awkward at times. As far as PMPs go, the Spinn is pretty feature rich (and it is pretty damn good looking to boot). Let's hope that the love-in continues when the final verdict is handed down. [Crave]


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@lazerpenguin: Non-standard USB? Goddammit...

Anyhow, I'll probably still get one of these to replace my Clix 2.