First look at the Guardians' home planet, Oa, in new Green Lantern concept art

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Behold a brilliant green light shining from the citadel on Oa, the home planet of the ancient and powerful Guardians, in new concept art from the Green Lantern movie. And click through for another piece of breathtaking Oa concept art.

These concept art pieces were released by Warner Bros. to a number of websites that visited the set of this movie last summer. Bigger versions are available at the link below. Here's the second image, showing a cemetary and memorial for all the Green Lanterns who've fallen in the line of duty. That's a lot of dead heroes. You can also glimpse Hal Jordan and Sinestro meeting there, with the Oan cryptkeeper, Morrow, floating around.


Bigger versions at the link. [Warner Bros., via Film School Rejects]