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First Review of Asus's Eee (Verdict: OK Hardware, Great UI)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mark Spoonauer scoops the Asus Eee PC review, leading off with the observation that you can get a comparable budget laptop for the same $399 price for the high-end Eee model. The key to it earning 4/5 stars and a place in Spoony's heart is its low-overhead, simple UI Linux OS: "It's ten times simpler to use than any Windows machine, starts up twice as fast (no crapware!), and is only about the fifth of the cost of other systems in its weight class."

Six tabs organize the basic productivity and entertainment apps: Internet, Work, Learn, Play, Settings, and Favorites. His wishlist is pretty spare, asking only for cellular data card drivers by USB and a little more polish on the UI, and in closing he recommends it as a simple internet and work machine. [Laptop]