First Set Pics from Ridley Scott's Prometheus: Is this your new gritty alien underworld?

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Very little is known about Ridley Scott's Alien-esque movie Prometheus (penned by Damon Lindelof, based on an old Aliens prequel script by Jon Spaihts). Until now. Could these be the first ever images from Scott's mysterious production?

Spoilers below....


While we're still speculating on whether or not Prometheus will play with the Alien mythology created by Scott many years ago (rumors say it's full of space jockey goodness). The website Prometheus Movie News has released what they're claiming are the first ever images from the set. Which we've attached right here.

Are these the genuine article? Who can say. The project is still shrouded in mystery, so there's not much we can verify. However, we will say that these images certainly seem to be channeling the Alien grit from years past. Plus, we've heard that there is supposedly some sort of massive archaeological dig in the flick (where Xenomorph DNA is discovered) and these are certainly pictures of some sort of "dig." But it's still all speculation at this point, even though actor Michael Fassbender (who has been cast in the flick) confirmed some Alien tie-in to Metro stating, "The thing is, it's not a prequel. It definitely is separate. It is a separate story, but there are threads that connect the stories.:

Prometheus Movie News backs up its source as the same person who delivered these Captain America pics, so the source certainly has some sort of access to movie sets. Whether or not they're real, who can say. They're still cool as hell.


If those pics are real, they're much more interesting than this alleged set pic from Alien Prequel News. Which shows absolutely nothing. In fact, the unnamed source claims that all of the crates surrounding the green screen were put there specifically to block a collection of vehicles from the film.