First Teaser Trailer for the Bollywood Version of Iron Man

Remember the crazy robot centipede from Enthiran, the Indian movie that mashed up Transformers and Terminator? Here's the Bollywood film that everyone's saying is going to top that. Ra.One, starring Shah Rukh Khan, is coming this fall.


The first teaser trailer for Ra.One aired yesterday during the India-Australia World Cup Match. This is reportedly the most expensive movie ever made in India, with tons of CG special effects. Shah Rukh Khan (also known as SRK) stars as G.One, a superhero who's our only defender against evil. Today, SRK shared the stage with Hugh Jackman at an event in Mumbai and said the X-Men movies inspired him to make this film.

SRK was originally signed up to star in Enthiran, but he abandoned that project to do his own splashy superhero-ish science fiction movie. Already, this first glimpse of Ra.One is drawing raves. Elizabeth director Shekhar Kapur tweeted: "Shah Rukh's Ra.One has raised bar on VFX tech in Indian cinema judging from trailers. Hope other filmmakers catch up."

Here's a shorter teaser with more insane action scenes.


John Hazard

At the end, does that guy kind of say "Iron Man"? Because it doesn't sound like "Ra One".

That looks really cool. I want to see him come to the U.S. and liberate us from Tea Party/Republican Governors.

We will hail you as a hero.