Reviews of Mitsubishi's $7000 laser-lit stunner have been rolling in for a bit, but HD Guru (who helped us buy an HDTV like a pro) has the first truly sophisticated technical evaluation—after watching it for 12 hours straight—of the best use of lasers in your living room yet. Not only does it have the most eye-popping colors, detailed blacks and pupil-squeezing brightness of any set he's tested, it uses less power than a 100-watt bulb, making it the greenest too. We've covered several prototypes of the LaserVue set, and Gary says it blows all of them away, and "rates in the stratosphere of top displays" of the very best sets like Pioneer's Kuro Gen 2, Pansonic's 65VX100U plasma and LED-backlit LCDs. The major issue conquered in the final version over the prototypes is speckling, the sparkles you see when you reflect a laser off of a flat surface (try it with a laser pointer). There are none. To dive into the nittier gritter, it has the widest color gamut of any set Gary's ever tested, far beyond the HDTV Rec. 709 broadcast standard: "Reds are so intense and crimson they're indescribable. Ditto for yellows, purples and other colors and hues." And brightness against the brightest LCDs is like the sun against the moon: 110.88-foot lamberts, compared to 70 for the most eyeball-pounding LCDs, when they aren't calibrated to show deep blacks—then they usually drop to about 30. Yet the LaserVue produces "jet black" blacks. Yet the power consumption is positively green: A mere 94 watts on average drive its intense 65-inch screen. LCDs and plasmas use 3x-4x that, and often more. There's a lot more intensely detailed numbers and specs over at HD Guru if you really want to dive deep into this thing, but the bottom line is that it's worth seven grand, if you've got it, since I don't think there will be any holiday sales on this puppy. [HD Guru]