First trailer for The Darkest Hour unleashes lightning-powered alien invaders

Watch the first trailer for director Chris Gorak (Right at Your Door) alien invasion flick The Darkest Hour, with Emile Hirsch facing a pack of invisible electricity-hungry aliens. In Moscow.


This looks like your classic, run, hide and learn how to fight alien invasion movie. Which is totally fine with us. Plus, it looks like there's an elaborate set of alien-fighting rules we're all going to have to learn to beat these bastards. The trailer actually shows off the aliens lethal wave-energy attack, where the human (or innocent pup) is cauterized into ash. Looks wild.

That being said, it was very hard to sit through this without screaming, "You can't beat the Drej! They're PURE ENERGY!"

For more information on The Darkest Hour read our report from Comic-Con where we were shown tons of concept art, a bit of footage and chatted with the filmmakers and Hirsch himself.

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Corpore Metal

Looks fun but, you know, there is this staggeringly huge source of energy right nearby the Earth. We call it the Sun and it has far more energy output that we puny, tiny humans will ever hope to put out for many centuries to come yet.

Again, it's kinda hard to suspend disbelief that these critters could cross the huge gulf between the stars and not get their energy management issues sorted out.