Illustration for article titled Fish-Devoured Phone Still Works After Retrieval by Fishermen

Andrew Cheatle was hanging out on a boat when he dropped his phone in the water. He thought it was gone for good, but a week later, his old phone called his girlfriend.


It turns out, a 25-pound cod ate his phone and was then caught by fishermen. They found the phone, pulled out the SIM card and put it in another phone and called his girlfriend.

They got his old phone back to him, and he claims after drying it out it still worked. That's a dubious claim at best, but hey, if true that says a lot for Nokia phones. I guess. I mean, if you're planning on having your phone eaten by a fish, that may be the brand to go with, otherwise it probably won't change your opinion one way or another. [The Sun via The Daily What]


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