FlashFog Car Security: This Time the Fog is Inside the Car

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FlashFog may sound like an in-car disco, complete with dry ice and strobe lighting, but it is actually a silent anti-theft device that, if it catches on, could spell the end of noisy car alarms. The mist is made from a combination of glycerol and water, and the manufacturers are already adapting it with tear gas and a piercing audio alarm for armored cars and delivery vans.


While the company says that there are built-in safeguards to prevent the system being activated while the car is in motion - and we're assuming they don't just mean extra-penetrative interior fog lamps - they admit that if the device is not properly installed, there is a possibility that one's vehicle could suddenly become more, shall we say, atmospheric. I think this could be one for the Pimp My Ride crowd. No word on price as yet, but there's a video after the jump.

Product Page [Flashfog Security via Wired]


I thought I read about something similar for your house. A thief breaks in, the alarm goes off and your house floods with smoke.