Flat Pack LED Chandelier Is the Easiest Way to Turn Your Home Into Your Castle

Nothing classes up a room like a massive, intricate chandelier hanging overhead. But they can be a hassle to find, hard to get home, and complicated to install without tearing a hole in your ceiling. Unless the words “some assembly required” don’t frighten you, in which case this flat-packed faux chandelier is a much easier alternative.


Made from lightweight PVC plastic, the Grandelier, designed by David Andora, arrives in a compact box using the same shipping approach as Ikea does. But the chandelier can be quickly assembled using nothing but a handful of zip ties to hold it together—there’s no having to hunt down a hex wrench, missing screws, or other tools.

In lieu of burning candles which would probably be dangerous, or electric incandescent bulbs that would require a power cord, the Grandelier includes 12 battery-powered LED flicker candles that will run for about 700 hours. That’s more than enough time for you to get tired of bumping your head on this massive six-foot wide accessory, although with a price tag of $429 (or $479 for the black version) you’ll be inclined to stick with this decorating choice for a while.

[Grandelier via The Awesomer]

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