Flavored Food Skewers Take Guesswork Out of BBQ

As real men would know (not that I've ever claimed to be one), getting meats to taste just right, infused with a particular flavor, is an absolute nightmare when barbecuing. Sensing a way to make a couple of dollars, Callisons Inc. has come out with pre-seasoned skewers. Once soaked in the liquid of your choice, be it wine, beer or water for the Ned Flanders wannabes, the skewers are then thrust into the meat, where they gently release their sweet flavor. That's right, we keep the Fourth of July family friendly.

The skewers come in a bunch of flavors, including Bourbon, Thai Coconut Lime and good ol' garlic herb. They're available online now from specialty cooking stores and will be in other stores soon. Ten skewers cost $7.99, a small price to pay for perfectly seasoned meats.


Seasoned Skewers [MySecretPantry.com via Cool Hunting]

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