Fleshbot Reviews the Real Touch, a Video-Synchronized Masturbator

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The Real Touch is like a Fleshlight that moves on its own, pre-synced with the porn you're currently watching on your computer. It's one step closer to simulating having sex with the girl on the screen, but should you buy?

That answer is unclear. Fleshbot tests it out and says that although it has its downsides—PC-only, lots of setup and cleanup, plus it's super expensive—the actual sensation (or sensations, for different orifices) is fantastic.


Head over to Fleshbot (NSFW) to see their review. We'll be covering this as well, from a more technical view to explain how it works, how they get the video synced up and how well it performs as a gadget; albeit a gadget for your penis. [Fleshbot (NSFW)]