Flipping the Bird Via Bluetooth

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I've always felt that I was gifted with a couple of pretty useful manual emotion indication devices: my middle fingers. But, when extending them in the general direction of people, I sometimes sigh in the shame that I don't have a gadget to give the big FU for me, a dream I've held since seeing the movie My Science Project as an impressionable youngster — what with the guy that puts the neon middle finger on his trunk that stands up with the flip of a switch.

But now, that dream is closer to becoming a reality after some hackers at a confab in the Netherlands presented The Car Whisperer, a tool that lets somebody with a Linux laptop and a directional antenna send audio to nearby cars with Bluetooth handsfree systems that aren't being used. Many built-in systems use just a standard, widely known passkey as the only form of authentication that's needed. While some people see that as a security risk, it's merely an invitation to invade a passing car's stereo and ask the driver how he manages to steer with his head stuck where the sun don't shine. — CL


The Car Whisperer [trifinite.blog via P2P.net]

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