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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

BlogTuts has assembled a great tutorial on how to get Linux running on your 1G, 2G or 4G photo iPod. Everything you need is right on the page—the modded installer plus the lastest Podzilla and uClinux Kernel. Nice to see this come along since iPodLinux.org had a server crash and seems to have run off the rails a bit.

Update: Ipod Linux Dev team member Yorgle wrote in to clarify that Floydzilla is a "third party podzillae." To understand what that means, read his full comment after the jump.

How to Install iPod Linux on 1 & 2G mini, 4G, Photo from Windows [BlogTuts]

[Thanks Alex!]

It should be noted that "Floydzilla" is what we call a "third party
podzillae". It's not made, endorsed, or supported by the core iPod
Linux/Podzilla team. It's made by someone else.

What's the significance of this?

The tutorial linked to in the gizmodo post works just as well with the
supported "podzilla" application. Floydzilla includes a few extra
add-ons that we have either not integrated into the podzilla core yet,
or will not integrate into the podzilla core, due to content,
stability, or horridness of the code. Someone, DansFloyd in this
case, took all of the core, stable "podzilla" source, changed a few
text strings here and there, added in a bunch of unstable, untested
code into it, and passes it off as their own work.

The procedure linked to is also not supported by the iPodLinux dev
team. Installers will be coming out very soon to support the 4g,
mini, mini2, photo, and color iPods, so that anyone can install
podzilla via a point-and-click interface from Mac or Windows.

Just fyi and stuff. :)

-yorgle (ipl dev)

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