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Food Week Is Over: Go and Make Yourself a Low-Tech (But Amazing) Grilled Cheese

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The grilled cheese is usually a humble affair. Bread. Butter. Cheese. Not for Eleven Madison Park's Daniel Humm, who turns the plebeian snack into an supersandwich—using only an 8" knife and a, broiler, and grocery store ingredients.

The inclusion of garlic, prosciutto, white wine—and, uh kirsch—might not be for you purists, but looking at this before eating breakfast is making me foam at the mouth. And keep in mind, these are all ingredients you could find at any nearby supermarket, if you've got a newfound appetite for cheesy adventure. We extend a sincere salute to Humm for innovating on the modest melt with nothing more than a good blade, heat, and some delicious thinking. [YouTube via Feast]