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For 30somethings, It's Tinder That's Doing the Screwing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tinder sets age-based pricing tiers, BlackBerry makes a weird sliding phone, and Cyanogen wants to "slaughter" Samsung. The last 24 hour of news bits and rumors have been full of weird, and it's all on BitStream.

Tinder Plus launched yesterday and with it came a very strange pricing model—one completely based on age. For U.S users between 18-29, they'll have to pony up $10/month for the service, but if you're 30+, be prepared to pay double that. Why? The answer is simple—older people make more money than them damned, budget constrained under 30s. Basically, Tinder Plus just wants to make the most money possible and supposedly tests in other markets suggests this model works. They've compared the pricing tier to how Spotify charges less for students, but that doesn't seem like an exact apples-to-apples comparison. I don't know, Tinder. Seems pretty ageist to me.


Cyanogen CEO Kirk McMaster has a taste for making bold statements. First, he wants to "take Android Away from Google" and now he says in five years, Samsung will be "slaughtered." [Business Insider]

Samsung isn't the only ones adding some curved to our typical slabs of phone. Newly revealed at MWC, this new BlackBerry will have a full touchscreen...and a keyboard slider. [BlackBerry]


Apps and Devices

  • The most popular gaming engine in existence, Unreal Engine 4, just became absolutely free. Go forth, and create the game of your dreams. [Unreal Engine]
  • Despite losing Samsung as a major partner, Qualcomm is relentlessly forging ahead with an even more powerful processor—the Snapdragon 820. [Qualcomm]
  • The private beta for OS X 10.10.3 is now available. Go try that new photos app, and celebrate the death of iPhoto.
  • Google Plus as we know it is dead, but it'll be back and (hopefully) better than ever. [Google+]


  • Many were expecting another Samsung watch at MWC, but surprisingly, Samsung said they were pumping the breaks on making new hardware. However, they did say their next watch was going to be "perfect." Wait to set impossible expectations, guys. [SamMobile]
  • One of the most exciting things coming out of Windows 10 is Microsoft's new browser, codename Spartan. This leaked video gives us an even longer look at the new, Greek-themed browser. The best news? Spartan should be available in the next release of Windows 10.

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