YouTube comments can be an unmoderated wilderness full of ill-will and lame obscenities the likes of which, well, the likes of which you've seen in YouTube comments. Maybe you're used to it, maybe you don't dare drift that far down the page for fear of losing yourself in the inanity. YuleTube can help change that by making those gift-giving comments elfin' festive.


Obviously this is just a variation on the old switcheroo, but when it hits home, the results can actually be pretty funny. It's available on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, so unless you're on Internet Explorer (sorry) you can set it and forget it and you'll be in for a pleasant little surprise and maybe a chuckle or two the next time you scroll down past a video and catch some tough guy talking about how much he just wants to hug your mother.

Peace on Earth? Fat chance. Faking it in YouTube comments of all places? Surprisingly easy. [ via TechCrunch]

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